About Us

Welcome to our online shop! We are expert on spares for all Lombardini engines!

Our history

More than 40 years of accumulated experience within the traditional trade of gardening and courtyard items, coupled with a pioneering spirit are what have brought Agromeccanica to where it is today. Agromeccanica has recently grown up also in the e-commerce and it is now well-established both in Italy and in Europe.

Our mission

We would like to prolong the life of engines! We have always held a stock of spares and as part of our commitment to develop this line of business we have also created a website dedicated to this product. You can just search our online shop and find what you need! Building on this 40-year professional heritage the Agromeccanica high-qualified technicians and IT experts worked together and created this website which aims to be as clear as possible so that the customer can easily identify what he is looking for. Now we can rely on an ever-growing e-business!

The guarantees

All spare parts for sale online on agromeccanica.it will be delivered with the official guarantee provided by the main branch (Lombardini S.p.A.) together with our invoice.

As regards the online payments (i.e. credit cards, PayPal etc.) agromeccanica applies with the security protocol and the best procedures in place for more secure transactions: if you pay with your credit card, the direct connection to our bank account ensures TOTALLY SECURE AND PROTECTED TRANSACTIONS!




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